Complete Guide on Creating Instagram Chatbot

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Improve your marketing strategy with Instagram Chatbots. The easiest way to build a no-code chatbot using SendPulse.

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Introduction to the Course and Bot Overview

1. Introduction

2. Instagram Chatbot Overview and Pricing

Setting up Instagram and Facebook Accounts and Creating a Chatbot

1. Connecting Instagram Account to Create Chatbot with SendPulse. Trigger Overview

SendPulse Chatbot Builder: Triggers and Menus

1. Greeting Menu

2. Persistent Menu

3. Choosing a Trigger

4. Standart Reply and Unsubscribe Flow

5. Welcome Message

6. Comment on Your Post

7. Story Mention

8. Emoji Reactions

9. Comment on Live Video

10. Trigger Flow

SendPulse Chatbot Builder Elements

1. Building Your Chatbot Flow: Start

2. Text and Variables

3. Button

4. Image

5. Card

6. User Input

7. Quick Replies & Moving Elements

8. Connecting Elements: Adding a "Flow" Element

9. Adding an "Action" Element

10. Adding a "Filter" Element

11. Adding a "Pause" Element

12. Adding a "Random choice" Element

13. Save and Launch Your Flow

Integrations, API, CRM and Multichannel Marketing trategy

1. How to Send an Instagram Chatbot Campaign

2. Creating a Deal in SendPulse CRM

3. Sending Webhooks

4. Adding an "API Request" Element

Chatbot Statistics and Operations with Bots

1. Overview of the Statistic Tab

2. Operations with Bot

3. How to get Certificate of Completion


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