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The SendPulse Academy hosts live participatory training. Experts share their experience and knowledge, and participants ask questions in the chat and receive answers to them in real time. great value!
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Who are our courses suitable for?
For beginners
You are determined to master a new profession, but do not know where to start. There are so many unfamiliar tools and terms around. In our courses, you will gain systemic knowledge about the profession of a marketer, which will help you to go broke and choose a direction.
For marketers
The hosts of our courses and webinars are practitioners with years of experience in internet marketing. Even experienced professionals find interesting tricks and insights in their performances.
For business owners
You have your own business - and there is a premonition that marketers are cheating on you. How to check that you are spending your budget wisely? On the course, you will be able to quickly acquire the skills of marketers - to work more effectively with contractors and control the entire process.
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Feedback from participants
I would like to thank the SendPulse Academy for the knowledge gained in email marketing. I not only learned something new, but also began to apply the knowledge gained in my work! I did not hesitate to take clients and help them with email newsletters. I would like to express my HUGE gratitude to the creative director of SendPulse Alina Dykukha!
Ekaterina Kiryanova
I want to thank the entire SendPulse team. I would especially like to thank Alina - the creative director and speaker of the SendPulse Academy , she gave a lot of advice specifically in our area and after the end of the course, she continues to answer my questions.
Pershina Ksenia
Employee of RecostBeShoes
Thanks! It was helpful. The course from SendPulse helped organize knowledge and work with the project, find new ideas for project development, and learn several important technical nuances. Like : interesting examples and practice that can be applied in the course of the course on your project, interactive in the classroom, high-quality feedback (all comments on the case and with examples - how and what can be improved)
Krikun Evgeniy
Station Hotels
For more than one year I have been taking various courses to improve my skills in digital. The course from SendPulse was an unexpected discovery for me. I didn't think I would get such useful information in the form of feedback from the hosts. Great webinars that definitely gave some brain food. Homework is analyzed in detail, and useful business recommendations are given. The course took place in one breath. The attentiveness of the teachers is especially worth noting for the improvement of the SendPulse service in general. I wish everyone to take this course, who wants to get more from email newsletters.
Ovchinnikov Denis
Leading Marketing Specialist, Reestr JSC
I liked the course from SendPulse Academy! Everything is relevant, informative, there are a lot of ideas, cases that can be immediately adapted to your project. Very valuable for me were: feedback from SendPulse specialists, specific recommendations specifically for our business. Speakers who are passionate about email marketing can feel it. Thanks for your hard work, thanks for the course!
Natalia Pavlova
Internet marketer of the children's store "Islet of Childhood"
Great course on email marketing ! There was a lot of new, useful and practical things. Much has already been implemented and is working. The speakers are great, they were able to put as much useful information as possible into the compressed timing of the course. Quickly gave feedback on questions. Let's continue :)
Kovalenko Victoria
Marketing Specialist at Premier Expo
Passed course in email marketing by SendPulse . Initially, this is not my area, because my position is the head of the enterprise. But - I wanted to be enlightened. Happened. The material is structured. Speakers - obviously "lived" everything they talked about. And they spoke clearly. I am not at all a professional in this field, but I have understood a lot, my eyes have opened a little. I can now be a qualified customer, for which thanks
Philip Murashov
Refresher courses KIPS
Do you know what's cool? I paid money for seminars in Dnipro, where they talked about e-mail marketing, push, mailing in messengers. But in theory. Constant blah blah on the topic of customization, segmentation, relevance, etc. And I stopped going to these events because no one showed me how to do it with pens. How to set up all these chains and so on. Thanks to this simple and straightforward course, I got what I expected. Thanks!
Natasha Lastochkina
PR. Marketing. Organization of events.
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